maandag 12 januari 2009

lau zin :: ACCM -> EXPR / Et in Arcadia Ego

at the finissage Dwight, Robert, and Niki made video-recordings of Thomas' improvisation ACCM -> EXPR in relation to the installation by Dwight, and with a visit to the area of Michele Matyn, ending in Robert's video projection (see entry below)
this was accompanied by Robert's Apple laptop speaking the text Dutch text 'lau zin' about art and leisure by Dwight and Niki as if it was English.

donderdag 31 januari 2008

film Robert Rosenau BGRR10:00

BGRR10:00 was made and use in the inter-media installation of Bivak Gloria, Hessenhuis-Antwerpen.
The original movie was played in a loop, sound was integrated in another source... silence here....

zaterdag 22 september 2007


deze blog is voor de documentatie rond het project "Bivak Gloria" een co-productie van Hessenhuis, Antwerpen en CBK.

in de loop van de komende maanden zal hier beeld- en geluidsmateriaal rond dit project worden gepubliceerd.

kom dus in regelmatige afstanden terug & kijken...

this blog has been created for the documentation around the project "Bivak Gloria" a coproduction of Hessenhuis Antwerpen (Belgium) and Centre for Fine Arts Rotterdam (Netherlands)

in the coming period we will publish images, videos, and sounds related to the project.
you are invited to come back & see the blog grow...